Alternative To The Gym

Stacy Akinpelu-Morris

2017 was the year of the gym, but the trend for 2018 shows that more and more people are starting to choose activities and sports. Here’s why you should be picking up an activity and ditching the gym.


Learn a skill

Doing a sport or activity such as football, yoga or even pole dancing is better than the gym due to the fact that you’ll actually learn a skill. When working out at the gym, people tend to focus on individual body parts – meaning that small but important muscles can get left out and become weak. Doing a sport or activity allows your whole body to move and get stronger much more evenly and the gym can be used to complement your training. You’ll learn how to actually use your strength and flexibility for a skill – not just be strong for no reason at all.


Held accountable

Your class teacher or coach can hold you accountable. Gone are the days of convincing yourself to skip the gym because someone will notice! Your teacher is there to be a guide and to help you, and that includes keeping you in check with your routine. Even if you do decide to stick with the gym, getting a personal trainer can hold you accountable to going on a regular basis.


More incentive to go

When you take part in an activity, you will find yourself wanting to keep training as you see your progress and improvement. You’ll have something to measure yourself against and with more and more practice, you might even become an expert or professional! Who knows what doors will open for you at that point?



It’s so much fun doing a sport or activity especially with your friends. The gym can be a serious place, and you certainly don’t see people smiling or laughing in there. Even when trying something new, there is always room for laughter and joy when you make mistakes.


Friends and community

Most sports and activities have a community, whether that be physically present in your club, or online. It’s always so good to be part of something bigger than yourself and is a wonderful feeling when you know that there are others who are experiencing what you’re going through and can support you.

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