How To Have A Great Start To 2018

Stacy Akinpelu-Morris

2018 is nearly here! Here are 6 things you can do to make sure your year starts off with the best possible you – and to carry that throughout the year.


Get A Great Planner

A planner is everything – keeping track of your expenses, dates and plans is a wonderful way to stay on top and organised. Make sure you get a diary that suits your needs – some people prefer blank pages to have full autonomy of what they can write, other prefer more structured and predefined pages.

Check out these planners:

365 Life Planner


Work out

Exercising and keeping fit is extremely important to feel good, healthy and refreshed. However, this doesn’t mean going to gym everyday. Going to the gym can actually be quite boring and repetitive if you don’t have a personal trainer or a diverse plan. How about starting yoga, or trying something totally new like aerial hoops, or acrobatics? It can be fun and you’ll make a whole bunch of new friends. Keeping fit can also mean walking to work from your main station, taking the stairs instead of the lift – small changes to your daily routine can make such a huge difference.


Eat Well

Eating well is probably the most important aspect of a wholesome life. This doesn’t mean counting calories or a sugar free diet, but making sure you eat a balanced diet with the right percentages of carbs, veg and healthy fats. It is important to understand that you know your body the best, and you should listen to what your body needs you to consume.


A Better Sleep Cycle

Sleep is probably one the most important aspect of our lives that gets messed around with and has the most impact on our day. You know the feeling when you have a great night’s sleep, and you feel on top of the world and have a fabulous day? The same goes for when we have a bad night’s sleep, and for a lot of us, we continually have bad night’s sleep. Fixing your sleeping pattern and implementing a before bed ritual can work wonders on the quality of our sleep. This will in turn allow us to be super productive, alert and happy.


Make A Reading Plan

Knowledge is power, and knowledge gives us wisdom. Read as much as you can, be it on the train to work, or at night before bed. Reading articles on the world, topics you’re interested in, or self help books can make such a difference in our own lives. Not only does being more knowledgeable make us wiser but you can also impart that wisdom into your close friends and family to give them sound advice in their time of need.


Organise Your Closet

Or organise your whole house! There is nothing more refreshing than a makeover and that can make a wonderful difference on your outlook on life. A new scene can make you more productive, and give a much needed boost to your mojo to start the New Year

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